Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Trip #2- Mason City, IA

We stopped at a park again for lunch and just happened to find this really large engine. It was pretty cool. There were some people climbing around on it and polishing it up.

At Music Man Square.

Inside the "Livery" they showed a movie of a lot of behind the scenes footage and interviews with people involved with the movie. It was pretty interesting. Jake was riveted. Hannah and Matthew fell asleep. 

The outside was pretty cool. The music notes went all the way around the bottom and the words to the song went all the way around the top. 

The inside. 

Getting some ice cream at the Candy Kitchen.

The kids really like playing the piano in the Candy Kitchen. They had this really cute hat that everyone tried on.

Lily was being a little stinker about taking pictures anywhere that she didn't want to. She wanted to pose with the light pole so pose she did.

"Rubbering into the billiard parlor."

The best picture of the four kids that we could get. Matthew was done with the stroller and wanted to do anything BUT hold still.

Such a fun day! Want to do it again. :) Maybe when they have the big parade in June???


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