Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Trip #3- Des Moines, IA

Driving into Des Moines.

We decided it would be fun to go to the zoo in Des Moines so we got a picnic lunch together and drove to the zoo, ate and then found out that they weren't charging admission! Score. Gotta love a freebie, especially when it is admission to a zoo with this crowd!

These were crazy! They were growing these little sea creatures in florist tubes and some pipe. They were definitely alive. We could see them moving.

Hello Nemo. My children were fascinated by you.

I was a little scared of this. Look at that eyeball right in the middle of all the spiky black spines. Eeek. Looks like a Halloween project gone terribly terribly wrong.

Checking out Dory.

They each found their letter and pointed for the picture. After that they were calling each other by the animal they were.

Hannah doing her surprised face at the flower that was bigger than her head.

Aaaaaah, Vegemite. This is for you dad. I know that this is your fave sandwich spread so I thought I would grab a picture for you. For those of you not in the know...

Vegemite is a dark brown Australian food paste made from yeast extract. It is also known as Marmite.

On the train.

They had a dinosaur exhibit that Jake was begging to go in. We got in there and the dinosaurs were all robots. Jake freaked out to see them moving and we almost didn't get him through the exhibit. I may have had to carry him through part of it. This was the final picture of many that were failures due to the terror on his face at the thought of the T-rex turning around and snapping him up like a tasty little treat.
On a side note: We saw some smaller ones that were a little less imposing in size and decided that those would maybe be a better option for him to get acclimated. As I was walking towards them carrying Jake, Joe gave me the high sign to keep moving. I looked as we passed and the little ones were devouring the carcass of a giant long neck dino. HELLO! Could we keep it G rated please? When my kid is already scared seeing a bloody dino robot with little ones eating it may not be the best idea. 
Oh well. I am sure someone found it awesome. Just not us.

 Swimming in the pool at the hotel. The girls loved the water but got cold pretty quickly so we moved to the hot tub where Hannah and Lily just sat and floated.

It took a little bit for Jake to relax but he did eventually and had fun floating around.
Part of the fear this time was the 3 girls softball teams that were running and jumping and screaming in the pool. It was SO loud. They eventually left and our kids relaxed and started to have more fun.

The uncooperative baby. Not sleeping.


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