Friday, July 1, 2011

Go Bucks!

We went to the Bucks game for  Thrivent night on the 1st. It was free, always good, and very very HOT. Like, steaming hot. I tried getting a picture of the beads of sweat on Matthews nose but it didn't work out so well, he was a little too wiggly. Imagine that!

We sat down and were surprised to find a Giants fan in front of us. Joe and the uber fan enjoyed chatting about the good ol' Giants during part of the game. Lily was wearing her Giants shirt and was thrilled to see that he had a hat, shirt, bracelet, watch, and necklace with the Giants logo. I don't think she knew what to make of such an amazing display. :) 

I know she is my daughter but I just have to say it...


On that note...

There are hardly words.

Super cheesy!

It was really hot and he wasn't feeling the greatest so he just vegged out. 

They couldn't take the heat anymore so we headed out during the 5th inning. On our way out we walked by a little kid area where they could practice hitting a ball so we stopped and let them each take a crack at it. The ball was suspended by air (we thought that was pretty cool) and they all tried their best to hit it really hard.

We headed out to Coldstone after the batting practice and enjoyed a little dollar treat. It was so much fun. We had a wonderful day!


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