Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project Life-Week 26

6.26.11- Cleaning out both vans and all four carseats. Vacuuming, bleach wiping, windexing...
It was chaos!

6.27.11- Playing outside made for FILTHY children but lots of fun.

6.28.11- Winx Club. Talk about a blast from the past. This cartoon was on in the morning on Saturdays when Joe and I first got married. It lasted only a few months before it was discontinued. Apparently they are bringing it back and the kids loved it!

6.29.11- It stinks to have sisters. Poor Optimus Prime with his playdoh hair and skirt. The shame of it all!

6.30.11- I was calmly doing laundry when this little guy joined in on the fun in the basement. Believe me, not my fave moment.

7.1.11- Waterloo Bucks game. It was Thrivent night so we got free tickets. It was so brutally hot that we only stayed to the 5th inning and then got out of there. The kids were all dripping with sweat and getting increasingly whiny. We headed over to Coldstone afterwards and got some $1 ice cream cones. Delish!

7.2.11- We went to the end of our street where there was a carnival of sorts going on and the kids got all facepainted and ballooned up. After we got back from that they really wanted to have a lemonade stand so we set up an impromptu stand with whatever we had lying around. Maybe next time it will be a little bit fancier. They had a few customers and made about $5 in the hour or so that we were out there. Maybe next time we will set it up in the heat of the day instead of at 5 in the evening. There was a little incident of mistaken identity. A girl was driving by and stopped to buy a glass when Jake ran up to her and was talking to her. We were kind of surprised until we heard him referring to her as Auntie Ruthie. She did have a Ruthie-esque look to her so I can see why he was a little confused. She was a good sport and gave him a little love when I told her why he was calling her that.

The extras for the week...

Most of these have been blogged so stories are not necessary.

See you next week!

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