Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project Life-Week 28

7.10.11- I got a call from Joe and found out that the youth group from Faith was in church! I had planned on going to second so we threw everything together as fast as we could and got there just as the Sunday school hour was starting. It was enough time to visit before they had to take off. So fun to see them. We had Matthew's sort of birthday party/dinner for a trillion later in the day.

7.11.11- VBS! Need I say more? We had Jake and Hannah in my class and Lily in another. Matthew spent his time there roaming from room to room, arms to arms.

7.12.11- Haircut! It is officially summer when the clippers come out. Jake's hair was getting unmanageable and we decided to go ahead with the buzz for Matthew as well. It is only hair right?

7.13.11- More VBS. Lots of blurry pictures.

7.14.11- VBS. This was either the opening or the closing. Not sure which but always fun. Matthew loved the music and would dance whenever it came on!

7.15.11- More blurry pics from VBS. They just moved way to fast!

7.16.11- The last can of formula gone! Officially all milk. Hopefully soon the bottle will be done and the sippy will be a go.

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