Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Every year we pull out the sparklers a day or two after the big firework extravaganza. It just gets so crazy to try to fit it all in on the one day. Plus, spreading out the sparkle over a few days is just so much more fun!

This year Joe tried to change it up a little by getting morning glories as well as the regular sparklers. Lily was the only one brave enough to do them. I think the others freaked out a little bit when they saw them shooting out flame and then looking like a sparkler and then shooting out flames again.

Hannah was a little apprehensive about the whole thing and required a lot of patience. She didn't want to hold the first one by herself but after the first few she seemed just as fearless as the others.

Jacob kept begging for more. He was crazy about spinning around with them and trying to make designs.

There were no burns this year, at least none that I know of. Matthew loved watching and it was a little bit of a chore to keep him away from them. I think nothing would have made him happier than getting his fat little hands wrapped around one of them, at least initially. :)

We used to try and get a picture of the whole family doing sparklers but recently we have been doing them mostly alone so just the 3 older kids made it in. Eventually I am hoping to get back to the family ones. Maybe after I buy a tripod??


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