Sunday, July 31, 2011


This post is going to be picture heavy, just because I can't choose.
We had a wonderful day. It was full of friends that we haven't seen in a long time, great food (a potluck at church), and lots of laughs.

Sarah and the kids. They were so excited to see her!

Joe, catching up with Joyce.

Lily and Mitchell, getting their glitter on in Sunday School.

Jan with the kids.

 Leah and me.

Jake and his friend Tyler from preschool. 

Jake and James.

There were a LOT of little girls there!

Pizza party for dinner.

Saying goodbye to Elena was so hard. I started tearing up for Lily.

Elena and Lily 

Elizabeth and Lily

Kam was not a happy camper.

Haven and Lily 

 Natalie, Lily, Hannah and Elizabeth.

Loose tooth picture.

We went back to Johnsons and did bubbles in their yard in the dark. It was so fun. The kids were chasing them everywhere.

 Anne was not loving the camera.

 Lily with lots of bubbles.

More and more.

The bush was covered with tons bubbles and they just sat there like ornaments. It was so beautiful!


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