Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Life- Week 34

Sunday- Matthew trying to brush Joe's tonsils.

 Monday- Jake's first day of school.

 Tuesday- Hannah had her first day of school today. She was so excited!

Wednesday- Matthew was so tired... he passed out on the floor.

Thursday- Hannah. Also an Angry Birds addict.

This one is older but I didn't take one this day so here it is.

Saturday- Matthew and the wii. The wii and Matthew. It isn't pretty.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First day for Hannah!

The girls.

A shot of the new backpack. She was so excited!

Here is the big girl! She was so excited to go to school.

Walking in to school. She was starting to look a little apprehensive.

All was good when she saw that she had a locker with her picture and name on it.

She didn't even look back at me once she saw that there was play-doh on the table.

Bye Hannah, I love you...
Yes mom? 

First day for Jacob!

He was thrilled to be going back to his school and Mrs. Limback. He was so insistent that he wear this R2D2 t-shirt because he wore  it on his first day after we moved. After this he will be wearing polo shirts to school everyday because of the uniform policy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project Life-Week 33

Sunday- Hanging at the park. It isn't something that you would think about normally but when you have 4 kids swinging no one else can. We max out the swingset! BTW- Jake is getting so much better at pumping. 

Monday- The invalid and nurse.

Tuesday- I love this quote so much!

Wednesday- Jake has a slight obsession with electronic games. Any kind- wii, computer, leapster, phone, vsmile, etc. Right now the game of choice in Angry Birds.

Thursday- First day of school! Lily is thrilled to be going into 1st grade. It is all we have been talking about!

Friday- Lost tooth! It is a week of firsts! She was so excited.

Saturday- Pizza night. They love homemade pizza!

Friday, August 19, 2011

One tooth down...

Lily lost her first tooth today!!

So exciting!

She was having trouble eating her dinner because she said that her tooth kept bleeding so we went into the bathroom and it was so loose that she could almost bend it all the way forward. 


I was trying to figure out how to pull it without her knowing because she was freaking out at the idea of getting it pulled. I suggested that it was time to pull it (hoping the direct approach would work the best) and she went into a panic and put her fingers in her mouth over her tooth. She got a shocked look on her face, pulled her hand out of her mouth and there was the tooth. She pulled it on her own...accidentally. 

I can't even say how fortunate we are. Now she wants to pull them out herself whenever she gets another one. Yessssssss. No teeth pulling for me. :)

The new one is already through and very visible. I wonder how long before the next one is loose. She is already talking about it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of school...

She was excited. I was excited. Everyone was excited. 

Except Hannah.

Our big first grader!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have injuries in our home on a daily basis. The ice packs, the bandaids, the kisses, the tears. It is all just a little slice of everyday life around here.

On this specific occasion Hannah bumped her knee and Dr. Lily established that an ice pack and elevation were required. After the alloted time had passed Hannah was allowed to get back up and use her knee.

Matthew's injury was a little more real. He fell in the driveway and managed to skin his forehead, nose AND upper lip.
It was touch and go for awhile there but he seems to be recovering nicely now.  ;)
After Joe cleaned it and put on the good ol' triple A he was attempting to get a bandaid on and Matthew was so fascinated that he finally had to call in reinforcements. Lily came in and helped him hold Matthew's noodle still so that Joe could get the bandaid on without sticking it onto his eyeball. 
Wish I had been there.

Fortunately we haven't ever had an injury requiring stitches, knock on wood. I have to say though, from what I have seen of Matthew thus far and what I have heard about Joe as a child it won't surprise me if the ER becomes our friend in the future.

(p.s. so much for the 12 month old pics.) 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project Life- Week 32

Next week most of the pictures should be a little newer. I think we are done with the catch-up stuff now. :)

Sunday- Dinner for a trillion.

Monday- No picture so I added this one from Wednesday.

Tuesday- Also no picture, added this from Wednesday.

Wednesday- Finally, a picture from Wednesday on Wednesday. :)

Thursday- Saying goodbye to Ottesens and Dahls. Celebrating my mom's birthday.

Friday- Saying goodbye to my parents. Off to the campground to hang out with the Meyerhoffs.

Saturday- No picture again. It's been a crazy week! This is one of my faves from the campground.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Headed to the campground...

After we said goodbye to my mom and dad we picked up the house and then loaded up the kids into the van and headed out to Iowa City to visit the Meyerhoffs at their campsite. 
It was very pretty, had an interesting smell and Lily wanted to know why it was built on a mountain. 
We had so much fun swimming, eating pizza, fishing, and visiting! When we left we had two sleeping and by the time we got home they were all out cold. Success!!

Swimming pictures. Val and I managed to stay out of them. 
Hannah lasted about 20 minutes in the pool before she started to freeze. 

This was sheer comedy. How do you suppose this happened and what do you think it takes to get it off?

Lily sitting with Matthew to try and help control him on the "mountain".

The girls. 

Jake caught his first fish. He was just reaching out to grab the line for the picture when the fish started flopping around and almost gave him a heart attack. He shivered visibly and then refused to touch the line.

The whopper. He might have been 2 inches long.


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