Thursday, August 11, 2011

Headed to the campground...

After we said goodbye to my mom and dad we picked up the house and then loaded up the kids into the van and headed out to Iowa City to visit the Meyerhoffs at their campsite. 
It was very pretty, had an interesting smell and Lily wanted to know why it was built on a mountain. 
We had so much fun swimming, eating pizza, fishing, and visiting! When we left we had two sleeping and by the time we got home they were all out cold. Success!!

Swimming pictures. Val and I managed to stay out of them. 
Hannah lasted about 20 minutes in the pool before she started to freeze. 

This was sheer comedy. How do you suppose this happened and what do you think it takes to get it off?

Lily sitting with Matthew to try and help control him on the "mountain".

The girls. 

Jake caught his first fish. He was just reaching out to grab the line for the picture when the fish started flopping around and almost gave him a heart attack. He shivered visibly and then refused to touch the line.

The whopper. He might have been 2 inches long.


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