Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Minneapolis- Day 3

Today was Minnesota Zoo day! We packed up a picnic lunch, borrowed another car, and headed to the zoo for some fun. Ranveig and Kristine came with us so the kids were over the moon to have fresh blood at a family thing. 
P.S. Can I just say that I LOVE seeing my kids with my best childhood friends?? Yes? Ok. I LOVE it!!!

These crazy projection fish would swim away anytime your hand got too close to them.

Patiently waiting for the dolphin show to begin... 20 minutes later we could barely move there were so many people.


Can someone please tell this bear that my son is NOT a tasty treat?

It was so hot. There were these little sprayers every once and awhile on the path that the kids took advantage of. Lily was so wet!

Jake's hair looked like there were diamonds all aver it!

Before we left we went by the fun area for the kids to cool off. Hannah enjoyed about 5 minutes of it before she was done.

They had so much fun!


So fun!


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