Monday, August 1, 2011

Off we go...again.

Saying goodbye to Kay was not easy for Jake. Somehow I can just see the sadness on his face by the way he is standing.

Thank you so much, Johnsons, for taking us into your home and making us feel like we were with family. We had the most amazing time.

We all got a good laugh from the sign!

Some shots from the road...
Who wouldn't love to live in Loves Park? There is even a heart on the water tower!

So pretty! I have no idea where we were at the time. Somewhere between Watseka, IL and Minneapolis, MN. I know. It's specific.

They were awesome on the drive! Jake was not visible from the front seat so no pics of him.

Hello Minnesota!

We were so excited to see Josh, Ruthie, Ranveig and Kristine!

The game playing began as soon as dinner was over.


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