Friday, August 19, 2011

One tooth down...

Lily lost her first tooth today!!

So exciting!

She was having trouble eating her dinner because she said that her tooth kept bleeding so we went into the bathroom and it was so loose that she could almost bend it all the way forward. 


I was trying to figure out how to pull it without her knowing because she was freaking out at the idea of getting it pulled. I suggested that it was time to pull it (hoping the direct approach would work the best) and she went into a panic and put her fingers in her mouth over her tooth. She got a shocked look on her face, pulled her hand out of her mouth and there was the tooth. She pulled it on her own...accidentally. 

I can't even say how fortunate we are. Now she wants to pull them out herself whenever she gets another one. Yessssssss. No teeth pulling for me. :)

The new one is already through and very visible. I wonder how long before the next one is loose. She is already talking about it.


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