Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have injuries in our home on a daily basis. The ice packs, the bandaids, the kisses, the tears. It is all just a little slice of everyday life around here.

On this specific occasion Hannah bumped her knee and Dr. Lily established that an ice pack and elevation were required. After the alloted time had passed Hannah was allowed to get back up and use her knee.

Matthew's injury was a little more real. He fell in the driveway and managed to skin his forehead, nose AND upper lip.
It was touch and go for awhile there but he seems to be recovering nicely now.  ;)
After Joe cleaned it and put on the good ol' triple A he was attempting to get a bandaid on and Matthew was so fascinated that he finally had to call in reinforcements. Lily came in and helped him hold Matthew's noodle still so that Joe could get the bandaid on without sticking it onto his eyeball. 
Wish I had been there.

Fortunately we haven't ever had an injury requiring stitches, knock on wood. I have to say though, from what I have seen of Matthew thus far and what I have heard about Joe as a child it won't surprise me if the ER becomes our friend in the future.

(p.s. so much for the 12 month old pics.) 


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