Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shots and snakes

These two got shots...

They got some ice cream.

Then we ran over to the school where the kids got a chance to see/pet some snakes.
The guy brought a corn snake, a boa, a bull snake, and 2 pythons. One of the pythons was little and the other was not.

Lily petting the corn snake. Hannah was all over it too.

Lily and her newish fave... Ethan.

The big python. He was about 45 pounds.

The girls petting it. Jake, not so much. He was standing safely behind me.

So, here is the story...
The snake was draped over the handlers shoulder. it brought it's head up and forward. When it did that, it fell forward off of the guy because it was so heavy. Little 26 pound Hannah was in front of the line since it happened immediately after this picture was taken. The python FELL on top of Hannah. Fortunately Lily was the hero of the hour and grabbed her, dragging her out from under it. 
Hannah looked a little scared at first but then started laughing with Lily about the whole thing.

I am relieved that things went as well as they did. Snakes are not really my thing and the whole situation with Hannah was a little frightening. Especially considering the guy holding it had just made the comment that it felt a lot heavier because it was wrapping itself around his legs and pulling him over. 
Yep, a grown man. 
Getting pulled over by a snake. 
A snake that fell on my daughter. 
She is tiny, did I mention that?
Gotta love life!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Life- Week 38

Writing thank you notes for all her birthday gifts.

Matthew has a new favorite cubby hole.

Mom, did you know that pasgetti is my favorite?

Wait, you don't have pots and pans scattered all over the floors in your whole house?

Breakfast at church. 

Gotta love a zoom lens. I had Matthew sleeping in the car all the way across the field in the parking lot and was still able to see.

Hannah banana. Rockin' the 1980's leotard with shorts built in and the bright animal print. She loves it. What can I say?

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Project Life-Week 37

Sunday: The 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. I found this picture on google images. I got it from another blog but I don't know where it originated. Sorry.

Monday: Typical Matthew lunch. He is kind of rotten about eating. He loves to eat just very randomly. Some days he loves ham and cheese, other days it ends up on the floor and only fruit gets eaten. Still trying to find a go-to food for him.

Tuesday: Happy 3rd birthday to Hannah! Read more about it here.

 Wednesday: Presents!
Thursday: Ice cream extravaganza.

Friday: Just some movie watching fun.

Saturday: The chaos, oh the chaos! Football, gymnastics, birthday party, and friends over for dinner.

Lots of extra pictures this week. I have 4 5x7's that are collages that I will be sticking into the book. I am thinking that I may eventually take some book shots once I get everything printed and put together. I have been waiting to print a few months at a time because I really love getting the prints for super cheap or even free through Shutterfly and Snapfish. I think I have almost enough to fill my order now. :)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday=Craziest Day Ever!

We had a day of constant busy on Saturday. Jake and Hannah both had stuff going on in the morning. We had some of Hannah's school and church friends over for a little party and then we had our friends, the Meyerhoffs, over for dinner in the evening. It was a fun day full of chaos but so much fun!

Now we gear up for Jake's birthday!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ice Cream in the Washer??

Jacob brought home a little recipe the other day from school for ice cream in a ziploc baggie. We held on to it for a few days since we had no rock salt. I was trying to decide if it was something that I even wanted to attempt with them but we decided that they would have a lot of fun with it so we gave it a shot.
The recipe is super simple to follow. Dump the ingredients into a quart size freezer bag and tape shut. Then, fill a gallon size bag with ice and salt, put the quart size baggie in and tape that shut. Shake the whole thing for 5-7 minutes.
Well, in theory it was simple. When you have 4 kids, all of which want their own bag to shake, it gets a little dicey. We wrapped them in towels because they were SO cold. The kids lasted approximately 30 seconds and then decided that they were done shaking because it was too cold.

I looked at the mass of bags and was a little daunted by the sight of it so I grabbed 3 bags and took them downstairs to the washing machine, set it on spin and let them go for about 2 minutes. When I pulled them out I noticed that the baggies were a little too wet and found that they had sprung a few small leaks. Fortunately all that leaked out was from the big bag of ice and salt.
We (Joe and I) continued the oh-so-fun shaking and after a little bit ended up with this creamy goodness.

Seriously, so good. It was super rich and tasty. The kids loved it!

Even Matthew got some. We had to give him something to offset the handful of rock salt that he ate. Yep. He is THAT kid.

Yum. If you want the recipe let me know and I will pass it on. Definitely worth making and I am sure that we will do it again.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Riding bikes and Wii

Hannah got her gift from Auntie Esther yesterday. She LOVES it.

Now, you may be wondering why there is a another new bike in the driveway. We gave Jake his early. He has been dying for one and our plan was to give it to him for his birthday. However, as temperatures today show (31 this morning) he isn't going to have much time to enjoy it. So, Lily was feeling a bit left out . Oh well. Such is life.

Notice, there is a spot for her Barbie to also ride. It was pretty much the most awesome feature. I can also tell you that the basket is already filled with treasures. Rocks, broken pieces of chalk, and a few "pretty" leaves. You can't leave home without the necessities you know.

After all of that excitement eating dinner was kind of a let down. When Joe and the older kids got home from church Hannah opened her gift from Gramma and Papa. It arrived today and she was extremely thrilled to get...

that's right. A teeny tiny wii remote for her teeny tiny hands and a Dora wii game. She proceeded to play it for approximately 45 minutes before I dragged her kicking and screaming to bed. She informed me (as she left for school this morning) that no one was to touch her stuff while she was gone. We are going to have to work on the whole sharing thing fo sho.

Sidenote: You put on a fancy dress up dress over your jammies when you are playing wii with your new hot pink wii remote don't you? If you don't you do NOT know what you are missing! :)
I really don't know what to say other than so far every gift has been awesome.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hannah started her day with donuts. Her choice of breakfast. The only time that they ever get them is on a birthday so that is what they all request for breakfast.

This one was a disgusting mess.  No joke.

Then she went to school. She had snacks today so grapes and cupcakes were taken for that.

Then we went and picked up some flowers and balloon per Jake's specifications...

Yes, there was much laughter. She was thrilled to see the Tangled balloon that he chose especially for her.

Then, lunch at Pizza Hut. Her choice. I was thrilled because it was cheaper than going to McDonalds. Gotta love a pizza buffet that the kids eat free at. :)

Also, I should mention that she wore her crown ALL day. That means that every.single.person that we passed wished her a happy birthday. She was a very happy little girl and couldn't figure out how everyone knew that she was 3.

Then Bridget and Marlys dropped by with this ginormous cookie for her. She was shocked, as evidenced by that first picture. Matthew just wanted to get all up on it.

After all of that excitement we had mashed potatoes and meatballs for dinner. Her choice. Followed by birthday cake. It was a lot of sugar. There was a lot of energy.

Joe headed out for a Bible study and then we got a chance to Skype with Gramma Laurie, Papa and Gramma Jack in California and Grandma and Grandpa Lee in Alaska. There were also conversations with Uncle Johnny, Auntie Esther, and Uncle David and family. It was too much fun and there was lots of high pitched squeeling and laughing, some unintelligible conversations, and ultimately ended in one exhausted little girl falling asleep sitting on the couch.

Happy birthday Banana. We love you very, very much.


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