Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ice Cream in the Washer??

Jacob brought home a little recipe the other day from school for ice cream in a ziploc baggie. We held on to it for a few days since we had no rock salt. I was trying to decide if it was something that I even wanted to attempt with them but we decided that they would have a lot of fun with it so we gave it a shot.
The recipe is super simple to follow. Dump the ingredients into a quart size freezer bag and tape shut. Then, fill a gallon size bag with ice and salt, put the quart size baggie in and tape that shut. Shake the whole thing for 5-7 minutes.
Well, in theory it was simple. When you have 4 kids, all of which want their own bag to shake, it gets a little dicey. We wrapped them in towels because they were SO cold. The kids lasted approximately 30 seconds and then decided that they were done shaking because it was too cold.

I looked at the mass of bags and was a little daunted by the sight of it so I grabbed 3 bags and took them downstairs to the washing machine, set it on spin and let them go for about 2 minutes. When I pulled them out I noticed that the baggies were a little too wet and found that they had sprung a few small leaks. Fortunately all that leaked out was from the big bag of ice and salt.
We (Joe and I) continued the oh-so-fun shaking and after a little bit ended up with this creamy goodness.

Seriously, so good. It was super rich and tasty. The kids loved it!

Even Matthew got some. We had to give him something to offset the handful of rock salt that he ate. Yep. He is THAT kid.

Yum. If you want the recipe let me know and I will pass it on. Definitely worth making and I am sure that we will do it again.


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