Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Project Life-Week 35

Sunday- Quiet day. We hung out around the house. The kids made a path of books and then ended up doing a hopscotch-esque game.

Monday- Homework time. Lily is getting into the groove of school really well. She gets home, changes out of school clothes (most of the time) and then sits down to do it.

Tuesday- Jake was up all night long with croup so we ran him into the doctor. We got a little steroid for him and the rest of the day went pretty well.

Wednesday- Caravan carnival. Great food, lots of fun in the bouncy house and ridiculous amounts of stuff came home. Fortunately most of it was stickers and other such crafty items.

Thursday- The more I look at this project (Week in the Life) the more I want to do it. It feels like it could be overwhelming so I am going back on forth but I am leaning more towards "Yes!". Lily's parent teacher conference was today. I got to meet her teacher for the first time and talked with her about doing the yearbooks. Can't wait!

Friday- Matthew doing some coloring.

Saturday- There was a CRAZY storm last night. Thunder, lightening, power outage... The whole nine yards. When we woke up this was in the backyard. Thanks JT for the help with the chainsaw!


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