Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shots and snakes

These two got shots...

They got some ice cream.

Then we ran over to the school where the kids got a chance to see/pet some snakes.
The guy brought a corn snake, a boa, a bull snake, and 2 pythons. One of the pythons was little and the other was not.

Lily petting the corn snake. Hannah was all over it too.

Lily and her newish fave... Ethan.

The big python. He was about 45 pounds.

The girls petting it. Jake, not so much. He was standing safely behind me.

So, here is the story...
The snake was draped over the handlers shoulder. it brought it's head up and forward. When it did that, it fell forward off of the guy because it was so heavy. Little 26 pound Hannah was in front of the line since it happened immediately after this picture was taken. The python FELL on top of Hannah. Fortunately Lily was the hero of the hour and grabbed her, dragging her out from under it. 
Hannah looked a little scared at first but then started laughing with Lily about the whole thing.

I am relieved that things went as well as they did. Snakes are not really my thing and the whole situation with Hannah was a little frightening. Especially considering the guy holding it had just made the comment that it felt a lot heavier because it was wrapping itself around his legs and pulling him over. 
Yep, a grown man. 
Getting pulled over by a snake. 
A snake that fell on my daughter. 
She is tiny, did I mention that?
Gotta love life!


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