Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob!

It is so weird to think that you were less than five pounds when you were born.






Now, you look huge!


You love going to preschool and can't wait for Kindergarten to start.
You still love getting haircuts.

You are really starting to enjoy playing with older toys now... legos, action figures, wii.

You still love having a little brother to share your room with but have started to get really frustrated because he trashes your room all the time.

There isn't any way to get you to drink milk. You just don't like it unless it is in a sippy cup and that just isn't happening.

Your new favorite thing... Skype. You love talk to your grandparents in Alaska and California with it. It is especially fun when they read bedtime stories.

Love you! Can't wait to see all of the changes this year!


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