Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love reading?

We do. 
The library is a favorite place to visit...

Every time we go the kids get to pick out a certain number of books. I randomly choose a number and then they run around and pick out the ones that they like. I love that they choose to explore the shelves and don't limit themselves to a particular kind of book. We have had some hidden gems and some that I wish had remained hidden.

It is a lot of fun to take Matthew though. There is a train table for kids to play with and a puppet theater but the many shelves of books are usually too appealing. Also, when getting all the books checked out we run into a few snags. The library staff "strongly encourage" the use of the self-checkout machines. I don't know why but they prefer to not take people at the desk. 

I get that.

I am a huge fan of self check stuff.

I don't, however, love that feature at the library. You have to have the card in there just right. You have to scan the book just so, without bumping the card at all. You have to wait the prescribed amount of time for the machine to process each scan before scanning the next. Then waiting for the receipt to print. 

I am an impatient person by nature but I think even someone who has the patience of Job would be tried in this situation. 

Then, throw in having small children along. All of the time taken scanning, adjusting, processing, thinking and printing gives Matthew more than enough time to empty ALL of the shelves around the machines (usually all the featured or new release books and the hold shelf).

So, library staff. Please take pity on my situation. I don't want to have to make you endure my littlest tyrant for any longer than you have to. Please wave me over to the desk and scan my books yourself so that I can hold my little nazi. I promise, it will save us all a LOT of heartache. You won't have to watch the agony of all the shelves being emptied as I threaten death to the little angel under my breath and I won't have to crawl all over the entryway of the library picking up the mountains of books that he rips off of the shelves at the speed of light. 

Thank you so much.

Anyone else out there have a library story? No? Just me? 


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