Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinterest Projects #2

The kids had a long weekend due to conferences. They were home on Thursday and Friday. It made for some long days for them since they are used to having something to do the whole day.
I brought out some little craft type things that I have been stockpiling and then turned to Pinterest for a little more inspiration. 
I pinned this little project awhile back and thought it would be the perfect day to pull it out.

The site is in Italian but a picture is worth a thousand words right? Right. So, we got busy. Fortunately I had just purchased a new box of a billion q-tips so having the right materials on hand wasn't an issue.

After a very intense, hands on experience (Matthew did one too), I realized that I didn't take any pictures. So, in the interest of keeping it real I only have the "after" shot.

I decided to hang them right as you walk into our house through the back door. I am not entirely sure that they will stay there because I have my concerns about Matthew pulling them down. When you go down the stairs they are actually foot level for a few steps so that could be an issue.

Matthew (with a little help from Bridget)



(Just a little insight into the mind of my oldest. She did hers last so that she could make sure that hers was different from the ones that everyone else did. Yep. That is a sun. I love it!)

It was a really fun project and I already have visions of Christmas trees in these frames next. 


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