Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project Life-Week 41

Sunday: Saying goodbye to family and a trip to Chuck E Cheeses with friends. 

Monday: Gifts from Gramma and Papa in California and Grandma and Grandpa in Alaska = one happy 5 year old!

Tuesday: Trip to the library. Love it!

Wednesday: School, fire station, Caravan. It was a busy day! Love this picture of them at the fire station. What is it about fire trucks, carnivals/fairs, and trains that makes me want to run a little antiquing action on the picture? 

Thursday: Ballet and tap class for Lily. I usually am not the one that takes her so I grabbed the opportunity to take some pictures of her doing her thing. I love watching her and can't help but wish that I had the opportunity to do it as a kid.

Friday: We went to lunch at McDonalds today. Joe came home last night after being gone all week and the kids really missed him. We surprised Lily by picking her up at school for lunch and then brought her back in time to start again. It was fun being out as a family. :) They kids LOVE  going to play at McD's so it was a win win. We got in a little adult conversation and they got in some quality play time.

Saturday: Jake and I finished putting together the lego he got for his birthday. He is officially hooked! He loves the whole process of putting it together to playing with the "guys" once they are done. He is already perusing the book that came in the box for the next set he wants to buy.

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