Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random thoughts

First off, wow! 

This was the view while taking Jacob and Lily to school. Seriously!
It makes me glad that I was out and about. I could have missed it!

On a not so amazing note...
We have a fly infestation here in the Dapelo home. 
I HATE flies. 
I feel like I spend all day chasing them around with a swatter. I am almost to the point of calling an exterminator.

The girls have been putting forth huge effort in keeping their room picked up. For some reason their room is always a sty. The boys don't seem to have a problem with that since Jake is a closet clean freak. The girls, not so much. 
Apparently I have been laying a little too much of the blame for the room resembling a toxic dump on the girls. Matthew was caught in the act the other day. I know he likes to go in there and rifle through everything but didn't realize that it is pretty much ALL him. The girls just don't pick up after him like Jacob does. 
So, any laundry on the floor? It's the girls.
Everything else? All Matthew.

The crack of dawn. 
They got up weirdly early and ended up on the couch like this watching cartoons. 
So sweet!


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