Monday, October 31, 2011

A visit to the pumpkin patch

We headed out to the pumpkin patch on Saturday afternoon. I know that we probably could have gotten them cheaper at Sams Club or even the local grocery store but I am not one to skip a photo opportunity so off we went. 

I was really excited that we found out about a free one close by. We got there, the kids ran around like wild animals doing the whole "I want this one, no wait, this one, no, wait, (shouting commences) thiiiiiiiiiis one over heeeeere." Eventually everyone found one that they couldn't live without and we headed back to the car when the crying began. 

Hannah caught a glimpse of a Barney and Baby Bop made out of a pumpkin and was devastated that she didn't get the chance to go hug them. So, in the interest of having a trip that was fun for everyone I ran back with her so that she could take a picture with them. 

They were hideous. That is all I have to say about that. 


Last but not least...

 (fyi: She loved them and still smiles every time she sees the picture.)


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