Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am overwhelmed today.

We have heard of two little girls this week that are in desperate need of prayer. 

Jersey is in the hospital. She is a little girl in Lily's class at church and goes to the same school. She just had a kidney removed due to a cancerous "Wilms" tumor. They are waiting for the results of a biopsy of her lungs. There is a possibility that the lesions that the doctors saw in the lungs could be viral. If it is "Wilms" it will put her cancer at stage IV. So much need for prayer for her and her family. 
Her mom was waiting to tell her about the cancer until the results of all the tests were in but Jersey overheard the doctor talking and knows now. She has taken the news really well and has a very positive outlook. 
There is a facebook event set up "Prayers for Jersey". Please feel free to join and get updates through that.

Maci is in the NICU. She was born very early at only 26 weeks. She is only 1 lb 6 oz. We are praying for her as well. She is so tiny! Her mom had her water break 4 weeks ago and they were told that she would probably be born within a few days and would likely not make it. She held in there for 4 weeks!

I just want to ask for you all to pray for these girls. Pray for healing, for strength for their families. 

Now, I am going to go hug my kids.


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