Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Project Life-Week 46

Sunday: Fun times with Sarah and Gracie! Interesting sidenote... that adorable baby with cheeks to die for is my baby cousin. Yep. She is younger than all my children. I am the oldest of 28 grandchildren and Gracie is the youngest. :) Looking forward to more from you guys Sarah! 

Monday: This face (along with the hands, feet, belly, EVERYTHING) is the reason that most surfaces in my house are sticky.

Tuesday: Finally! Everything except for clean-up is done. :) Also, the day of the stomach pains that made me feel like I was dying. Later, passing out and fever. Awesome.

Wednesday: Going through the tubs of clothes in the basement looking for winter stuff for the kids. Found it all. Also found out that I have appendicitis and spent the night in the hospital - minus one organ.

Thursday: This is a cell phone picture that the nurse took for me. I sent it to the kids. Lily and Hannah insisted on sending some stuffed animals to keep me company so I got them out, we took a picture, and I went back to sleep for pretty much the rest of the day. Joe came to pick me up around 2:30 and that's all she wrote.

Friday: Another cell phone pic. The first try at the IV insertion. Not successful in anything except giving me a gigantic bruise. The two little purple spots were where the nurse pinched me. Awesome.

Saturday: Chocolate chip pancakes. Matthew loved them.


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