Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shutterfly House Party

I know my love for Shutterfly has been documented numerous times here on the blog and in person if you talk to me at all so you can imagine my excitement when I was selected to host a Shutterfly Photo Book House Party.  I loooooooove photobooks and love nothing more than to share the love with friends and family and total strangers even.

Here are a few pictures from the evening. 

So excited that my aunt Julie and cousin Bethany could be here. It was a lot of fun being able to visit with them.

A friend from church, Val. She did a book from their summer vacay to Mexico! Fun!

Amy, lending a helping hand. It's a little blurry. Oh well.

Amy is a friend from church as well (our babysitting lifesaver!!) and Beth is a friend from California who is also a pastor's wife here in town. Ironic?? Yes! They both did books with summer pictures as well. 

Rachael, daughter of Amy. She is also a huge help with the kids and a lot of fun to have around. She is a really good sport. She even spent the night with my girls once! She worked a book that is all encompassing of a teenage girls life. Super cute! She used the embellishments as well.

Bridget and Rachael are besties... Bridget did a book about her time at a leadership retreat/conference type thing. I wish that I had done stuff like this when I was in high school.

Jamie and Carrie. Jamie is a friend from church and mother to Bailey (the love of Lily's life). Carrie is a neighbor and mother to Ethan, Eric, and Collin (the loves of Lily's life). I know. It is a problem. 

I received the little stand for a photobook from the party pack as well as all of the promo codes for the photobooks and holiday cards. They also threw in some balloons which the kids were super excited about.  Somehow they didn't make it into any pictures.

We had some really tasty snacks... 7 layer dip with chips, fruit, and apple crescent rolls.

This is a glimpse at the insanity that is my life. I love them so much, as do the kids. I have had to tape a few pages back in due to some overzealous page turning. :) It's all good though. I would rather have to run damage control than not have them for the kids to look at. 

Thank you Shutterfly and House Party for the opportunity to host this super fun party! I loved it!


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