Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

This is the reason that we didn't get a picture of the four kids together. She was tired, crabby and didn't want anything to do with anyone until we started doing dinner and presents. 

Happy family. Don't mind the bug eyes or the "I have done something naughty" expression.  

This is the best we got! 

Quietly waiting for dinner to start. He is so cute! He loves to sit and wait for food. As soon as the table gets set he is in his seat waiting. 
Dinner was amazing! We ate homemade tamales, spanish rice, and black beans for dinner. Definitely repeating that one too! It was amazing!

Opening Christmas Eve jammies. 


They all looked so cute in their new jammies. After this picture was taken Joe went back to church for the second service and we got the kids to bed after they got some books read to them. The last of the Advent books were read to them by Gramma.  We had gotten a little behind these last few days so she caught us all up, ending with The Crippled Lamb. 

I really enjoyed the Advent book thing. I am thinking that we will definitely be repeating it next year. Hopefully we will have a few more of our own and less of the library ones.


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