Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Life- Week 48

Does anyone else do this? I whip out my cell phone and take pictures of recipes in magazines at the doctors office. Surprisingly most of the time I am by myself and no one sees me do it. This time around there was a gentleman in the waiting room with me and he started laughing. Ooops. 
 Girl Scouts on Tuesday. Lily loves being a Daisy.

Wrapping up books for my book a day til Christmas project. Sadly, I was one short. Got that taken care of now and we are good to go.

Mother of the year... I have two memory cards and misplaced both of them so I had to use the trusty cell phone for pictures of the kids at the Caravan awards ceremony. The pictures are real quality. Not.

Starting the books. The kids are so excited. They have already worked out a rotation for unwrapping them.

Memories! No really. That is what Jake and Hannah call these. They came out of a ball pillow on Jake's bed. They have been the bane of my life since the pillow burst open. I keep finding them all over the place and because they are so teeny tiny they float and stick to everything. EVERYTHING!! I have found them all over the house from being attached to things that get moved around.

We went to Minneapolis on Saturday to drop off the baby stuff for Ruthie and Josh. So excited for them! They are having a baby in June. Sadly they are taking my little niece or nephew away. They are going to be moving to Dallas at the end of this month. We dropped off the stuff, loaded a queen bed that used to be my parents and then headed out to lunch at an Indian place in town. Johnny met us there so we had a great time visiting. After a quick stop at IKEA we hit the road. Sadly, it started snowing and we got really bogged down. We did 27 miles in about an hour and half. It was not fun. We finally made it home in one piece, hours and hours after we should have. A huge thank you to our babysitters for sticking it out and being amazing. We love you guys!

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