Monday, December 19, 2011

Project Life- Week 50!!!!!

Here we are. The countdown continues. Week 50!

We went and cut down our tree on Sunday. It was a lot of fun trying to pick one. It started out fairly warmish and then got colder the longer we were out there.
We hustled, Jake chose, we enjoyed cider and cookies, all the kids got to see "Santa". The end.

Monday night we had a Christmas party for the church council. Everyone brought a tasty little treat to share after their meeting so I feel like I have gained a gajillion pounds now. Mmm mmmm good. The kids all played downstairs in the basement and only emerged to get food.

Tuesday brought our normal bedtime chat with Gramma Laurie. I love that she gave us a tour of her Christmas decorations. The kids loved looking for the 5 teddy bear elves. Also, I love our tree!

Wednesday brought a cookie making extravaganza. Bridget and Rachel helped out and we ended up with an obscene amount of cookies.  Seriously. Too many for any one family to eat! Fortunately we were sharing them.

 Friday brought another fun conversation on Skype. This time it was with the grandparents Lee. Alaska doesn't seem so far away when there are awesome "helpers" like Skype.
Also, we had a bit of medical drama. Matthew (I know, shocker!) fell off of the bunkbed ladder in the girls room. He was crying pretty hard, Joe went in and picked him up, comforted him, cheered him up. He was so happy-laughing even. Then we stood him up and every time he put any weight on his left leg he collapsed onto the floor. Finally, after a little while, he was able to put a little weight on it and was limping all over the place. He was limping on Saturday and then part of Sunday before he finally started to walk like a normal child. (Below is Joe feeling Matthews leg to see if there were any abnormal protrusions, any crying of any kind. There wasn't any of either.)
Saturday was pretty low key. The girls, hanging out . They were just relaxing on the floor.

These are the mini pictures that I am planning on putting into the middle slots where the journaling cards go. The nice part of doing the "low key" way is that I don't feel the pressure to spend a lot of time journaling. Get it done is the motto for the rest of this year!

These are the 5x7 pictures that I am thinking of including into the book in a separate page protector. If I don't include them here I am sure that I will still be able to find some place for them.

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Have a great week!


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