Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wishing and hoping and dreaming...

The kids and I have been having MANY discussions about Christmas wish lists this year. Many. Today they gave me their full lists. They are as follows...

 1. DS
 2. Pink paint
 3. Lalaloopsy DS game
 4. Dresses
 5. Bike helmet and bell
 6. Hello Kitty stuff
 7. Earrings
 8. Craft stuff
 9. Waterbottle
10. Accessories

 1. Star Wars sheets
 2. Star Wars lego
 3. Mario Wii game
 4. DS
 5. Star Wars DS game
 6. Light saber
 7. Blue paint
 8. Lincoln Logs
 9. Darth Vader or Yoda stuffed character
10. Star Wars pictures

 1. Tangled or Tinkerbell snuggie
 2. Leapster
 3. Tinkerbell doll
 4. American Girl Doll
 5. Kitchen stuff
 6. Hello Kitty shirt
 7. Strawberry Shortcake doll
 8. Tangled Leapster game
 9. Earrings
10. New coloring stuff

He wants to keep his two front teeth. :)
He loves Blues Clues.
He likes any kind of truck or car.
He likes anything that makes noise, ie. guitars, firetrucks, drums, etc.

Just because it is fun these are some of the things that I have been drooling over this year.

1. Loving the Molded Heart necklace and bracelet from Lisa Leonard Designs. Seriously, I love everything she makes!
2. Dying over the new Project Life designs. Can.not.choose. Clementine. Cobalt. LOVE.
3. I am looking/perusing black boots right now. I need some taller, dressier ones and have been on the hunt. So far, no luck.
4. The 50mm lens for my camera.
5. I would also love an external flash but have done zero research on that front so no link.

My number 1 Christmas gift this year???? A holiday with as little stress as humanly possible. I want to relax, enjoy friends and family, visit and in general, not worry about anything at all. Can I get that under the tree or in my stocking this year? Pretty please?


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