Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life- Week 1

Sunday- The kids were all passed out by 5:30. Apparently when you stay up until almost midnight you get a little tired.
We went to lunch after church with some friends... Bailey and Lily (they are slightly inseparable).

We have been having ridiculously warm weather recently... the kids have been enjoying their bikes in the driveway. We have been so warm that there are people that are still golfing every day. 

Friday- I chaperoned Jacob's field trip to the Grout Museum, Imaginarium, and the Sullivan Brother's Memorial. It was so fun! I really enjoyed all of the things that we learned. I definitely want to take the kids back there.

Saturday- Joe had to go do a hospital visit in Rochester, MN so I took the kids to gymnastics in the morning. It is usually a lesson in patience to take Matthew there but he did really well. Lily was the perfect big sister and let him play with her DS.

Extra pictures from the Grout Museum. This collage is all the cool things that they had on display there. The other one is all pictures of Jake and his classmates. I have a few mini pictures for the smaller pockets as well that are not depicted here for privacy purposes.

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