Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life- Week 3

Week 3. There are some different little things this week. The pictures may not be clear, they may not be composed perfectly but there is just something about them I love.

1) This one is probably going to end up getting cropped down to fit into one of the journaling spots. I love that my dad is just chilling as we wait for the big kids to get off of the log ride at the Mall of America.

2) Love that it looks like it is in motion. I love that you see us holding hands.

3) A trip into the Peep store got them these "awesome" peep hats. They loved them!

4) This one is cute with Casey and the kids but I love that you can see me and my dad having a conversation in the background.

5) Casey and Jake towards the end of the day. You can see the exhaustion in his little face. Love this sweet little moment.

6) On Monday we headed home. Of course we detoured a little so that we could stop at IKEA. We ate lunch and then proceeded to get our things and hit the road. Love IKEA meals.

7) The sunset on the way home. Yes, I pulled over.

8) We have had a little bit of trouble with the baby removing his diaper and running around naked. Unfortunately he doesn't take off his pants too. He just removes the tabs and lets it fall down one of his pant legs. He could be running commando all day and I would never know unless I find the random diaper, he pees (or poops) all over the place, I pick him up and feel it missing, or the final way to tell is when I see this...

9) I am planning on cutting these apart and putting them in the little slots. I am really enjoying that since I don't always have as much to say to fill those places. We had a snow storm on Thursday that dumped a lot of snow on us. The girls all bundled up and ready for school. Just a little shot of the start of the day.
 10) The snowman is actually going into last week. Lily made it the day we got snow and decorated it with some of her winter stuff. We had to remind her to bring in her hat this week since the snow we got on Thursday and Friday buried the snowman. We would be looking for the hat the rest of winter! The picture on the right is from our day at IKEA. They have these nifty little tray carts that I LOVE! I had the regular sized shopping cart that I had Matthew and Hannah corralled in so I didn't have the hands to carry trays. Fortunately they think of everything there. Lily and Jake did a great job pushing it carefully until we found our seats.
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