Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Life- Week 4

Sunday: The girls having a tea-party during the 49er/Giants game

Monday: Self explanatory. Love that text feature in Picasa.

Wednesday: Harper came over during Caravan and  we played games, made (and ate) cookies and had a fun time in general.

Thursday: Lily had dance. When I got home Joe had made an awesome ham and scalloped potato dinner. So tasty. After dinner I found this in the living room. Hannah put her baby and the baby's dolly to bed.

Friday: Just some cute kids enjoying movie night.

Saturday: Matthew fell with a coffee cup in his hand and cracked open his head. It was bleeding, he didn't like the ice pack or the pressure but we persevered. In the end we had to bandage it because he kept rubbing it and opening it back up.

These are just a few mini shots from the week that will go into the pockets. Love that!

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