Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time of mourning.

Now that the time of mourning has passed I feel like I can post some pictures of our evening last Sunday. 

It was the day of the 49er v Giants.

Dramatic pause. 

In case you are living under a rock, the niners lost.

There was almost a shedding of tears.
 (Ok, maybe in private there was a tear or two.)
We had some friends over, the family was all dressed up and representing.

We even had tamales. 
(In case you were wondering, they were awesome.)

Regardless of the outcome of the game we had a nice evening visiting with our friends, the girls never pass up an opportunity for a tea party and Jake was just excited that Carter came over (even if he was wearing a Vikings jersey). Joe enjoyed watching the game with someone other than me. This is what usually happens when we watch a game together....

Mary: Why do they wear such shiny pants?
Joe: ::silence::
Mary: I don't understand why all they ever do is just jump on top of each other.
Joe: They aren't just jumping on top of each other.
Mary: How much time is left on this game?
Joe: A minute and 36 seconds.
Mary: Ok. 
(25 minutes later when the game is still going)
Mary: This is why I don't understand this game, the laws of time don't even apply.
Joe: eyeroll and some kind of extremely patient answer.

Yeah, he was glad to have people that actually knew what was going on here so that he wasn't a loner or needlessly distracted by all of my ridiculous observations.


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