Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project Life- Week 8

This weeks overview...

There are so many pictures that I am still not entirely sure that I know what I am going to do with them. I think once I get them I will be able to lay them all out and figure out what I want to do...

Joe wanted me to take some pictures for our church directory so I had my camera with me and thought I would take a little every Sunday morning kind of picture.

Love this baby! Too bad he loves his daddy more than he loves me right now. Every single day all I hear is "dada?" Maybe someday he will decide that I am worthy of his love and affection. :)

Why is it that we can clean under the couches at least once a week and it still looks like this? I just don't get it.

Shrove Tuesday talent show at the church. The girls decided to do a little dance performance.

Once again. Camera to church for pictures for the church directory. Love the Ash Wednesday service.

Hannah was longing to go outside. The snow was beautiful, such big and fluffy flakes. It was so pretty.

Skyping with Gramma Laurie. Lily is starting to enjoy reading to Gramma instead of just listening to all the stories.

So beautiful! The aftermath of the longed after snowstorm. It was just like Narnia (just don't pay any attention to the power lines in the picture).

Birthday party at the Phelps Pavilion. So much fun! I am definitely thinking about getting an annual membership there. The kids loved it!

Yes siree Bob. I am linking up again, as usual. You know what to do.

Linking to NaptimeMomTogThe Mom Creative, and One Happy Mama. Love them all and love all the other inspiration.


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