Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 7th!

My firstborn child turned 7 today. Yes, 7 YEARS OLD!

It seems crazy that she is that old now. 

I don't know where all the time went.

Last I checked this is what she looked like.

Not this.

Shall we do a little review?
2005- Aaaah, memories. The year we went from newlyweds to family. It was so exciting! 

2006- Lily turned one. She became a big sister.

2007- Two years old!

2008- Three... another sibling. This time she was ecstatic since she got a sister.

2009- Four years old. Highlight was being a flowergirl in Auntie Ruthie's wedding.

2010- Five years old. She started Kindergarten. It was tough for this mama to see her old enough to go.

2011- Six years old. First grade.

2012- 7 years old. My how time does fly!

Happy birthday Lily!


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