Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Life- Week 17

Since I started Week in the Life there are posts for each of these days. I am going to link to them so if you want to check out pictures from those days you can. 

Sunday: We had a fun afternoon at our friends house. 

Monday: Matthew always sits at the table as soon as we start setting it. Without fail. He is not very patient at mealtimes. :)

Tuesday: The boys were playing so nicely together when Hannah was at school.

Wednesday: Cleaning out the garage and getting things out for the rummage sale.

Thursday: Hanging at the church setting up for the rummage sale. Lots of pricing. Rachael and Richard.

Friday: Joe had a funeral to do so Amy and Rachael watched the kids for us so that I could go to the funeral.

Saturday: Rummage sale. It was exhausting.

I did one gigantic post last week with all the layouts from weeks 9-15. They are all here. It feels great to be all caught up. I am sure that I will tweak things here and there as I go through my ridiculous drawer full of filler (kids school stuff, brochures, receipts etc). 

Week 16 layout...
I found instagram! I love using those little tiny pictures throughout the pages. I printed them on 4x6 prints at 2x2. Then, I cut them all apart and attached some of them to journaling cards and put the rest in  a coin collecting page. I had to trim it down so that it held what I had but it was pretty easy and I like how it looks. I also had a series of three from gymnastics that I kept together as a faux photostrip. I hole punched it, stapled the edge of one of the cut-up journaling cards as a tag and called it done. I don't know how it will hold up but I figure I can leave it like this for now. If it gets too rageddy I can reprint it and do something different with it later.

Week in the Life- Day 7

Here we are. The end of the week. I know that Ali is running from Monday to Sunday but I started Sunday and went to Saturday. I am thinking I may include some of the pictures from today into the book just because there are some every Sunday things that I didn't get to take pics of last week. We'll see...

We had the church rummage sale, it took up a lot of the day and we were all running around like crazy people so there weren't a lot of pictures from that. We also ate a very late lunch (3:00 ish) at the new Pancheros in town. Seriously tasty. Glad we have one close by now. If only Chipotle would come this way. They would have my undying love and affection. :) Joe had play practice at the church in the evening so I ended up having some "extra" kids over during that. It was fun. The kids enjoyed playing with their friends and having a "movie theater" set up in our living room. We also cleaned the pit, also known as the basement. It was frightening. There is a reason that there have been no pictures of the kids playing down there. They haven't been able to all week. Anywho, done now.

We ran out of milk at breakfast. Both gallons, gone.

What the hallway looks like when I decide it is time to do laundry.

The bathroom in the morning (and at night) when the kids are done getting ready.

Matthew and his million dollar bill. Lily was so disappointed to find out it was fake. She wanted to buy me a Mothers Day gift with it. Love that kid. :)

The grocery run.

Matthew was running and stopped with his head. Lily, aka the little mother, giving him a helping hand.

Working hard at the rummage sale. She did a great job.

Pancheros. Mmmmmm.

Movie night at the Dapelo house.

Rachael did Lily's nails. She LOVED it. I don't do anything fancy.

Getting ready for Hannah's.

Instagram pics. They are just so cute and fun to print. Still have no idea how I am going to work that out. None.

Linking up to Ali Edwards. Again. Love all the other links. There is so much inspiration!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in the Life- Day 6

We had a really busy day. Jake had a field trip (it is freezing again), I had a doctor appt, Joe did a funeral for a church member that I went to, city wide garage sales and the kids were over at a friends house. 

Linking up with Ali Edwards.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life- Day 5

I really didn't take a lot of pictures today. I was out and about for part of the day and then sitting home and not doing a lot for the rest. I am planning on running around and taking a bunch of "house" pictures towards the end of the week to fill in the gaps.

The boys... waiting for the bus.

The Thursday mens group comes over to mow the grass every week.

Rockin' the shades.

Attack of the dino sandwiches. They were enacting a little war during lunch.

Methodically putting on shoes. It is quite the process.

Lily heading up to her dance studio.

After dance we headed to the church to help out with the rummage sale set-up. We ended up eating sandwiches there.

Imagine my excitement when I got these in the mail! Lisa Leonard is the bomb-diggety. She makes the most beautiful jewelry.

Just a few of the instagrams...

Linking up with Ali Edwards again.


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