Thursday, April 5, 2012

Party time!

Lily invited several of her nearest and dearest over for a party on Sunday. We held it at a nearby park so it was pretty much the easiest party ever. We didn't have to worry about entertaining them or the house getting completely trashed. It was amazing!

Joe walking the balloons to the park. It was quite the challenge. We had beautiful weather but it was pretty breezy and that made for a difficult time with the balloon strings.

Set up. Everything on the table was strategically placed so the tableclothes didn't blow away. Fortunately after a little while the wind died down.

Is it just me or are there lots of different kinds of Oreos now? We sampled most of them. :)

Fun little favor cups for her friends. I love the cups. We have gotten some a parties the kids have gone too. They have held up so well!

She really wanted a "cupcake cake" so it was even easier.

The whole crew!

Amy hanging on to the little ones for me. Hannah was all upset that she couldn't see everything going on since there was quite the mob around Lily during gifts and Hannah was getting all caught up in it. Matthew just wanted to be in the middle of everything.

Lily, opening her gift from us. I am lazy, I didn't wrap it. She has been wanting an American Girl doll for a really long time so we bit the bullet this year. She was so excited to get all kinds of accessories for it from friends whose moms were in on the plan. I am thrilled that the Our Generation dolls at Target are the exact same size so we can use a lot of the more economical options for clothes and accessories from there.

We had a great time, cleanup was a breeze thanks to the dumpster and we all went home and relaxed in our nice un-crazy house. Perfect. We were even able to have a few of the families that came to the party over for dinner afterwards. It was nice to sit and visit and for the kids to have a little time to play with friends before heading to bed.


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