Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project Life- Week 14

The start of the week began with Lily's long awaited birthday party.

Then we had a little bit of sadness. We said goodbye to Montana. He was a really sweet dog but he was not used to having kids in his face 24/7.

We spent the rest of the week doing things around the house. Painting, cleaning, schoolwork, etc until family came on Friday. So fun to have a house full of family. :)

Matthew was not a fan of having to be done with dying Easter eggs for the first time in his life.

Saturday was kind of gloomy and wet but we still enjoyed some tasty grilled food. 

A trip to the local McDonalds was fun. We hadn't been there since they redid the entire thing. The kids loved playing. It was too wet to play outside so it was a nice alternative.

The mini pictures for the week.

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