Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project Life- Week 15

Easter Sunday: We enjoyed watching all the children running around like crazy all day. There was a play. There was Skyping. There was a ham dinner.

Monday: We went to Culvers for lunch before everyone headed out of town.

Wednesday: Crazy, crazy day. Joe had a funeral in the morning and a funeral in the evening. In between that I took Jake to the doctors office for an EKG. They wanted to check out some murmur sounding noises. It was a murmur. Jake loved the whole experience.

Thursday: Jake had Kindergarten Roundup today! We went in the afternoon and were there for around 2 hours. He got all kinds of fun activity stuff in a "Begindergarten" bag. He is ecstatic. I am almost positive that he has asked at least twice a day when Kindergarten starts.

Lily had a Girl Scout field trip to the fire/police station in the evening. While we were there they actually got called out for a car fire. All the girls were really excited!

Friday: Lily had a dentist appointment in the morning before school. She was pretty excited that it was early and she could still go to school when it was over with.

Saturday: The kids had their Easter program today. It went well. Lily sang at the very top of her lungs. It was awesome.

These are the extras for the month. They are all going to be 8x10s.

Week 8- A fun week with a few extra pages thrown in...

There are 3 8x10 collages of pictures from Bailey's party that I loved.  I hate being too choosy. :)

I loved these two pictures of Matthew on the mini golf course so I did them both as 5x7's. The other 5x7 is a beautiful snow day. I finished out the journaling for the week on a foldable journaling card and then just attached it under the picture.

These were two really sweet little hearts that Hannah and Jake brought home from school. They painted them over Valentines Day. I think they are so sweet. I also took a 4x6 picture of flowers from Joe and cut it in half and put it into two of the journaling slots.

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