Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project Life- Week 16

Sunday: We had a really busy start to the week. Check it here.

Monday: I did a little doctoring of some pictures that had gotten completely stuck together. I had read somewhere that if you get photographs wet they come unstuck and as long as you don't touch them while they are drying they are fine. I can attest to that! They came out perfect.

Nothing for Tuesday except for some instagrams. Those will come later.

Wednesday: Joe was home for a little while in the morning so I got to take Jake to school, do a Sams run without kids and then went to the library to pick up some books for myself. I am pretty excited! After that I ran out to Lily's school to try and catch up on pictures for their little yearbook. I was able to sit in on part of their art class. It made me want to take one. They were having such a great time.

Friday: The kids were all up early and ready to go to school. They had a good 1/2 hour of coloring time before Lily had to leave. So fun for them. I went back to the school to have lunch with Lily and to take the rest of the pictures that I needed. I should only need one more trip out there and then I will be ready to assemble. Can't wait! They are going to be so cute. :) In the afternoon we all headed back out there for an assembly. Prince of Peace is a "Partner in Education" so they honored us at it. We had a bunch of people from the church show up and were lucky enough that it was the first graders presenting. We got to hear Lily and all the rest of the first graders sing.

Seriously, I died when I saw them walking down the hall like this. Matthew wants to be just like Joe!

Fun times... I am going to print all these instagram pics from the past week or so and then cut them apart and put them into the coin collector pages. Can't wait to see how they look!

I was able to catch up on the book last week and posted one update with pictures from all the finished pages from week 9 to week 15. What a great feeling! You can check those out here.

Be sure and check back tomorrow (Monday) for the first installment in my Week in the Life posts. I am excited to be doing this project. I wanted to do it last year but was overwhelmed and the week it was going on was the week we were on vacation and it was just too much. Truth is, I forgot it started today until we were in the process of getting ready for church. That is life right? Right. :) You can check out the rest of the participants by going to Ali Edwards blog.

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