Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Life- Week 17

Since I started Week in the Life there are posts for each of these days. I am going to link to them so if you want to check out pictures from those days you can. 

Sunday: We had a fun afternoon at our friends house. 

Monday: Matthew always sits at the table as soon as we start setting it. Without fail. He is not very patient at mealtimes. :)

Tuesday: The boys were playing so nicely together when Hannah was at school.

Wednesday: Cleaning out the garage and getting things out for the rummage sale.

Thursday: Hanging at the church setting up for the rummage sale. Lots of pricing. Rachael and Richard.

Friday: Joe had a funeral to do so Amy and Rachael watched the kids for us so that I could go to the funeral.

Saturday: Rummage sale. It was exhausting.

I did one gigantic post last week with all the layouts from weeks 9-15. They are all here. It feels great to be all caught up. I am sure that I will tweak things here and there as I go through my ridiculous drawer full of filler (kids school stuff, brochures, receipts etc). 

Week 16 layout...
I found instagram! I love using those little tiny pictures throughout the pages. I printed them on 4x6 prints at 2x2. Then, I cut them all apart and attached some of them to journaling cards and put the rest in  a coin collecting page. I had to trim it down so that it held what I had but it was pretty easy and I like how it looks. I also had a series of three from gymnastics that I kept together as a faux photostrip. I hole punched it, stapled the edge of one of the cut-up journaling cards as a tag and called it done. I don't know how it will hold up but I figure I can leave it like this for now. If it gets too rageddy I can reprint it and do something different with it later.


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