Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life- Day 4

Girls nightlight.

Getting ready for school.

Love waking up to a clean sink.

Common sight around here. Glasses sitting on top of a book.

Helping her brother pour cereal.


Shoe tying- check. She loves her "tie" shoes.

School bus. Then running off to the preschool for Jake's special chapel.


We went to the library to kill time until Jake got done with school. Matthew was exhausted and fell asleep in the reading area.

Hannah picked out approximately 1,000 books to bring home.

Toddler/preschool story and craft time.

Coloring as soon as Lily got home. This has been a regular occurrence recently.

Hannah was exhausted after lunch and took a little nap too.

Working on cleaning out garage for city wide sales this weekend.

Kids are great helpers, when they want to be.

Hannah BIT Jake. You would think that wouldn't happen anymore.

This one may need to visit the pediatrician. Not sounding healthy.

Linking up to Ali Edwards again.


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