Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Overview Update.

I left off on Week 8 on this post. I figured the best way to catch up would be to just do one extra post.

Week 9. I added in one 8x10 collage from the Maple Syrup Festival. They loved it!

The other side of the insert is the lunch menu from March. Lily circles or crosses off every day so that we know which days she wants to buy lunch and which days she wants to take lunch.

Week 10. An 8x10 of pictures that Johnny and Casey took when they went out to dinner with Lily at BW3.

An 8x10 of pictures from the Cookie Booth for Girl Scouts.

Week 11. This is one of my favorite weeks. I had a LOT of pictures that I loved and didn't necessarily want them all to be tiny in a collage. I printed of a bunch of verticals and put them into the journaling slots. Then the extra horizontal ones that I loved I printed in the 4x6 size. I cut a 12x12 page protector that had 4x6 slots on it in half and used it for the extra pictures. That gave me 6 more spots for pictures.

Then, I only had 2 left and no spots for journaling so I printed all my journaling on a 6x12 sheet of white cardstock and attached the last two pictures onto that. I sewed a 12x12 page protector in half and used that for the journaling.

Week 12. The journaling on a 6x12 sheet of cardstock worked out so well I did it again for this week. I had a 5x7 of Lily and Hannah so I used those on the journaling insert. That left me space for more pictures.

I included another 8x10 with pictures from our birthday evening out.

One more 8x10 of pictures from the rehearsal dinner and a few sweet shots from home.

Week 13. I didn't originally plan on using any inserts this week since there have been so many in previous weeks but the kids did these sweet post it notes for me and I wasn't sure how else to incorporate them.

After trying to figure out what to put on the other side I remembered that Joe had his epidural that week as well so I found the paper they gave him and threw that on the other side of the page protector. I am planning on asking him to write a little something on the blank card. Hopefully he will comply. :)

Week 14. The week of Lily's birthday party brought a few more collages. I love the folding journaling cards. I used one this week too for getting more journaling on a card to make room for more pictures.

Also, a little bit more on saying goodbye to Montana.

Finally, Easter Egg prep with the cousins.

Week 15. I love this family picture. It may actually make it into a frame somewhere.

The other two collages are from Easter and Lily's field trip to the firestation.

This insert is the paper from the pediatric cardiac person. He just drew on the little diagram to show us what is going on with Jake's heart and wrote a few little notes on it. I love the picture in the journaling slot that Lily drew of Madeline. So sweet. :)

So, there it is. All caught up finally! It is such a good feeling to have the first 15 weeks of the year done!


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