Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project Life- Week 20

Sunday: Confirmation Sunday! So fun to see these girls get confirmed... They did a great job on their essays!

Monday: Hannah and Lily were all over shadow puppets. They loved trying out all different animals. Quality entertainment.

Tuesday: Matthew finally got over his irrational fear of the bath and was actually "swimming" in the tub. I am not sharing the picture here since I don't want to show a naked baby on the internet.

Wednesday: Girl Scouts. We were at the park for a little while and then off to 4Queens for ice cream to finish out the year. Bridging to Brownies is coming up!

Thursday: I spent ALL DAY working on the class books for the kids in Lily's class. It was so tedious. I am so tired of them. I can't wait to take them to school later this week and be done with them. There will definitely have to be some changes if I am going to do them again next year. Especially since I have Jake starting Kindergarten. I will post pictures of Lily's book here on the ol' blog as soon as it is totally finished.

Friday: Bike Day at the Preschool. Jake and his friends got to bring their bikes to school and ride them around the track set up in the parking lot. Lily got to spend the night at her friends house as well.

Saturday: After doing some things around the house we walked over to the house that Lily was staying at to pick her up. She was exhausted. Late night + getting up at 5:30am + swimming in their pool all day = super tired little girl. As soon as she got home she passed out and slept for a few hours until dinner. While she was napping the younger three washed my van with Joe. Matthew made sure that the one spot he cleaned was really clean. Over and over and over. And yes, apparently using bath towels to dry the car is the only way to get 'er done.

A sneaky peek at Week 19. I got the variety pack of page protectors this week. I was kind of excited to break out some of the newer ones. So, on the left is a regular Design A. On the right is a Design B that I trimmed. Normally there would be 3 vertical pictures across but I didn't have enough for that so I just trimmed off the end and called it good.

The other side of Design B is on the left and then a Design C is on the right. I got all fancy with this one and put in the regular 4x6 horizontally oriented pictures in the first row. I really liked some of the instagrams that I took this week so I printed those off as 4x4's and sewed them into the page protector and trimmed off the extra two inches. I like the texture of the sewing and that they all stay in place nicely.

The other side of Design C is on the left and then one of the coin collector pocket pages on the right. I am continuing what I started last week and just filling in the instagrams as I take them. I am going to stick in the little 2x2 date square to break it up when I get done with the class yearbooks. One thing at a time, right? Right. I also kind of plan to go back through and add some labels to certain pictures. I have my eye on a slightly smaller size that I still need to pick up.

The other side of that page, just waiting for some more instagrams. On the left is the end of the week with Design A again. Love the bookended feel.

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