Monday, May 28, 2012

Project Life- Week 21

Sunday: Jake's last day of soccer! What a relief. He had such a great time but I am glad to have one more thing done with for the summer. It just means that Sunday will hopefully go back to being a relaxing time.

Monday: A trip to Poyner one last time to take the last of the pictures for the yearbooks. I can't believe that she is almost done with First Grade!! It was Jakes last day of school today too. He is going to be in Kindergarten now!

Tuesday: Hannah had her last day of school today. She is looking forward to being in the 4 year old class next year. We had a little program at the school for Jake's class in the evening. More on that here. After we took this picture Joe jumped in the car and headed out to Milwaukee.

Wednesday: Joe was in Milwaukee today for a Giants game with Matt. These three and I spent the day at the end of school carnival at Immanuel. They loved all the carny games and the gigantic inflatable slide was a huge hit. More on that here.

Thursday: Storytime at Barnes and Noble. They loved it. They each got to color a giraffe mask/puppet after the story. I think we probably ended up spending around 2 hours there. The loved the train table too.

Friday: Lily had her last day of school too. We told them that they could have a sleepover in the living room to celebrate. They loved that plan and this was the sight when I went to bed.

Saturday: We spent the day cleaning. I wanted to get all caught up on the housework so that we could sit back and enjoy the long weekend. The kids worked on the mess in the basement and I spent the afternoon crawling around on my hands and knees trying to really deep clean the floors. I would love to be Samantha just for a day!

I have a bunch of extra pictures and some instagrams that I will be incorporating this week. Probably in a Design G page protector.

Here is a look at the finished pages from last week...
Kept it really simple. I used a full page of Design B page protector. I usually like them to be smaller but this one worked out perfectly for what I wanted to include.

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