Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week in the Life- Layouts

I kind of followed the same theme for each day. The big 8.5x11 pages with an insert sandwiched in the middle. I used a baseball card pocket page for each day. I used some of the "extra" pictures from the week and the Instagrams that I took each day to fill the slots. The leftover slots were filled with artwork and/or stories from the kids.

Sunday: Just the one insert, front and back. I really enjoyed putting in some of Hannah's people. They are so cute at this stage. :)

Monday: Just the one insert again, front and back. Jake started writing a story on some of the plain journaling cards from Becky Higgins. He continued it on this insert as well.

Tuesday: I had the one regular insert and then one more. I added in a few 4x6 pictures that I really liked but couldn't be cropped without losing too much of the picture. I didn't have any page protectors that would work so I adhered them to a piece of cardstock, slightly overlapping, and then put them into a standard 8.5x11 page protector. After it was in I stitched along the edge of the pictures and then trimmed off the extra cardstock and plastic. I really like the texture of the zig zag stitching on the plastic and the different size of the insert. I also utilized the labels that Martha Stewart did for Avery. They are the perfect colors to go along with the Clementine edition of Project Life.

Wednesday: The same set up here as well. Two inserts, one with stitching and labels for the additional little journaling. I love the addition of handwriting into a mostly digital layout. That is part of the reason that I adhered the Instagrams to the plain journaling cards. I like having that little space to write.

Thursday: Just the one insert for today. I didn't have anything that didn't fit into the little pockets.

Friday: I only had two pictures to add in so I used some of the paper that I got for the Clementine edition of Project Life and did the stitching along the side and trimmed. I love that the paper is double sided so I could just use one sheet. Then there is the normal insert with the smaller pockets.

Saturday: I didn't even have enough things to fill in the slots of one insert for today so I actually just trimmed one row off of this page as well. I like the different sizes of inserts to kind of break things up a little.

All in all the project went well. I had a LOT less pictures than I thought I would have and I am totally fine with that. I think that this is a pretty real depiction of our lives right now. I fully intend to do this again next year and just put it into the same album as these will be in. I like the idea of looking through it and seeing the changes in a random week of our life on a year to year basis.
I need to get an album for it still. I don't have one yet because I had briefly toyed with the idea of putting it directly into the PL book but it is way too bulky to fit in there. I think the extra dividers that I have from PL will work well to separate the years in the one book.
I still need to finish out the title page and the last page. When those are done I will post them too.

*Week in the Life-Individual pages
*Week in the Life- Title page


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