Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hanging out.

This past week Joe was out of town at the AALC National Convention with some of our members. 
That left me home with the kids from Tuesday morning until Friday night. We had a pretty good time. We did a lot indoors since our weather was either swelteringly hot or crazy thunderstorm weather.
We spent one day with family at my cousin Rachel's Senior Recital. The rest of the time we did stuff around the house, played games, and watched this adorable video of their new cousin, Elijah. :) 

I did a quick evaluation of clothing, uniforms to be exact... the stores are starting to get them in and in order to not have a repeat of last year I have been trying to get things early. We have three of them in uniforms now so it takes a little more work to get all the right sizes. It is hard to find uniforms in "tiny" for Hannah. :)

We are all one big happy family again. The kids can't wait to get into our pool in the backyard. It took a little doing to get it up this year. There were a few patches needed and we still can't find one that is causing the ring to deflate. Oh, well. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rachel's Senior Recital

We had a really busy day on Tuesday. Joe left for St Louis in the morning, I went to a quilting group for a few hours and then we headed out of town about 30 minutes or so to my aunt's house. Her oldest daughter was having her senior recital and grad party.
We had so much fun during the afternoon prepping for the party and visiting.

We had a delicious Mexican dinner. It was a huge hit. Even the pickiest of eaters (Lily!) ate. Love it!

As soon as the dinner was over we all headed over to the college that the recital was held at. She did an amazing job. The playing was so beautiful that Hannah (who desperately needed to go to the bathroom during the first piece) didn't want to leave because she didn't want to miss the "pretty music".

There was a little reception afterwards. It was nice to have time to sit around, let the kids burn off a little energy by running around the campus looking at fountains, and partake in all the tasty snacks.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project Life- Week 25

Sunday: Father's Day. BDubs, Kohls, hanging out all afternoon and relaxing.

Monday: Something isn't quite right here. Where is a Jedi when you need one?

Tuesday: Super hot today. It was roasting!

Wednesday: Simple pleasures. Gotta love summer.

Thursday: Why I do what I do.

Friday: It never occurred to me that most children don't sit like this. Thanks Rachel! :)

Saturday: Working hard at getting things cleared up before Joe leaves. Bunk mattresses all aired out and smelling lovely. Nothing like some spring cleaning in June. Better late than never right? Right. :)

This week I was just burned out from taking pictures. Last week was so crazy that I literally didn't pick up the camera at all. I had to turn to Instagram to get these. Thank goodness for phones. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Matthew hasn't been what you would call a good sleeper in quite some time. He prefers to be sleeping right up on someone. Usually he prefers his daddy but in a pinch anyone will do. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!

The kids came running to the kitchen to tell me that Matthew was sleeping in his room naked. I walked in fully expecting that he was playing some kind of part in one of their many weird plays when I saw this. He really was sleeping. Naked. I was amazed. Not so much by the lack of clothing but more by the fact that when he got tired he went into his room, climbed into bed and fell asleep, somehow shedding clothes on the way.

This phenomenon has happened several times in the past week now. He goes in his room and collapses. I think it is amazing! I love summer exhaustion.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to this guy! He is loved!

The kids wanted to take him to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. No argument there. We started off inside but Hannah started to turn blue and shiver so we moved it to much more comfortable weather.

They love their daddy! 
Believe me, this was the hardest picture to take. I think we took about 25 and this was by far the best. It isn't saying much, that is for sure!

Trip to Minnesota

We (the kids and I) left bright and early on Saturday morning to head to Minneapolis for my cousing Jeremy's graduation party. We picked up my aunt Julie at her home on the way. We made great time and had a little time to walk through IKEA. The kids loved rolling around on the beds. Especially Matthew!

We spent the afternoon visiting, eating, and watching the kids play volleyball, hillbilly golf, bubbles, and swim in the chocolate fountain.

Such a fun day. The weather was beautiful, the drive home uneventful and everyone was sound asleep by the time we got home around midnight. I love spending time with family!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project Life- Week 24

Sunday: Lily's show. Under the Big Top! She did a great job!

Doing "school" with the kids. She is awesome! Love this lady!

Double kisses. Many times. Such a great night. We went to Culvers for a little ice cream too. So tasty. I have yet to meet a flavor that wasn't amazing

Getting in a little crafting with grandma. They love crafting!

I know that I will probably get an angry phone call for posting this on the internet for everyone to see but I love my mother. Look how happy they are!

Bookstore time. They came out with a stash of stuff for the trip to Texas. Grandma loves them too much. :)

We went to Relay for Life on Saturday. We watched the Survivor/Caregiver walk, Joe did the Invocation, we ate, we decorated a luminaria for Papa, we heard them say his name, we walked and walked and walked, we watched them light all the luminarias, I cried (just like I do every year). It is such an emotion filled evening. It has been every year for the past 5 years that I have been going to Relay events. I can't wait for next year. Lily and I have been scheming of things to do for fundraisers. We are planning to go big or go home next year. :) She is really inspired to make money for Relay since one of her friends made $120 by selling his artwork, all of which went to Relay. She wants to do the same.  

I will have pictures of finished layouts later. I am barely keeping my head above water here people!


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