Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hanging out.

This past week Joe was out of town at the AALC National Convention with some of our members. 
That left me home with the kids from Tuesday morning until Friday night. We had a pretty good time. We did a lot indoors since our weather was either swelteringly hot or crazy thunderstorm weather.
We spent one day with family at my cousin Rachel's Senior Recital. The rest of the time we did stuff around the house, played games, and watched this adorable video of their new cousin, Elijah. :) 

I did a quick evaluation of clothing, uniforms to be exact... the stores are starting to get them in and in order to not have a repeat of last year I have been trying to get things early. We have three of them in uniforms now so it takes a little more work to get all the right sizes. It is hard to find uniforms in "tiny" for Hannah. :)

We are all one big happy family again. The kids can't wait to get into our pool in the backyard. It took a little doing to get it up this year. There were a few patches needed and we still can't find one that is causing the ring to deflate. Oh, well. 


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