Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project Life- Week 25

Sunday: Father's Day. BDubs, Kohls, hanging out all afternoon and relaxing.

Monday: Something isn't quite right here. Where is a Jedi when you need one?

Tuesday: Super hot today. It was roasting!

Wednesday: Simple pleasures. Gotta love summer.

Thursday: Why I do what I do.

Friday: It never occurred to me that most children don't sit like this. Thanks Rachel! :)

Saturday: Working hard at getting things cleared up before Joe leaves. Bunk mattresses all aired out and smelling lovely. Nothing like some spring cleaning in June. Better late than never right? Right. :)

This week I was just burned out from taking pictures. Last week was so crazy that I literally didn't pick up the camera at all. I had to turn to Instagram to get these. Thank goodness for phones. :)


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